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Loco Excess


Unrealistically large number of locomotives in Wychminster station, as seen by a passing pigeon. The line is obviously not worked on the one engine-in-steam principle.

Grounded Body


One of the advantages of camera phones is the ability to get into forgotten corners of the layout.

Next to the water tower is the grounded body from an MSWJR van. The original model wasn’t very well made and so I’ve distressed it even more and found it a new home. The water tower is from a Duncan models kit and the signal box by Lasercraft (Devon). 4510 and 4365 on shed.

Evening All


PC Woolls keeps an eye on a cinematographer who will be waiting a long time for any action given that the temperature in the garage, where the layout is, is hovering around zero centigrade.

Watch out for pigeons


If you don’t want pigeon muck on your head, avoid lamp posts.

Journey’s End


4365 comes to rest at the end of the main platform with a stopping train from Andover Junction. The express fruit van could be a returning empty awaiting a new consignment of fruit and veg from the Vale of Evesham or it could be carrying new potatoes from Jersey or watercress from Hampshire.

Cattle Train


843 arrives in the goods loop with a train of cattle empties.

Building Walls


A bit more scenery completed with a stone wall joining the bridge to the engine shed area. The wall is made of bought-in plaster castings, glued together with PVA adhesive and spray painted in grey car primer and then washed with four or five coats of black, light brown, dark brown, yellow and green. A bit of scatter to finish it off. It’s supposed to be Cotswold stone in colour but I think it has more affinity with Yorkshire. Can’t win them all.

Painted Bridge


After years spent in Desert Sand undercoat, the bridge gets its final treatment (although I may add a bit more soot). 4365 emerges into the station area on a Southampton – Birmingham train.

Coaling Stage

shed coal

I can’t get away from the engine shed area at the moment! Anyway a Dean Goods has backed a supply of loco coal down next to the coaling stage. Judging by the size of some of the lumps in the wagon, it will take more than that puny crane to shift them.

Yet another shed shot!


Yet another shot of engines on shed. Will try and do better next time.

7810 and 2743 posing in the sun. 7810 is employed on the Wychminster-Southampton services, taking turns with 4365. 2743 is usually employed as station pilot and on transfer freights to Evesham and Worcester.