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Loco Excess


Unrealistically large number of locomotives in Wychminster station, as seen by a passing pigeon. The line is obviously not worked on the one engine-in-steam principle.

Mixed Train

photo (13)s

843 heads up a mixed train on the main platform while Shunter George awaits some action in the goods yard. The nearest wagon is fitted with a Dingham Autocoupler, still in need of a brush over with blacking fluid –  a simple enough job that invariably gets forgotten.

My next project is to motorise the three-way splitting signal at the station entrance, the inner homes. After that the electrics are more-or-less complete but only more-or-less reliable. Mysterious bouts of shorting in the lever frame are still unresolved.


Cattle Train


843 arrives in the goods loop with a train of cattle empties.

Succumbing to Temptation

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I made a trip to the Gauge O Guild exhibition at Telford yesterday. I only went to look at the layouts and pick up a few odds and ends – loco crew, paint, headlamps, little things. Then I passed a stand with the above 517 class 0-4-2T for sale and it was too much for my non-existent will power. Now I have yet another engine, admittedly beautifully modelled by Laurie Griffin. However it is seriously out-of-period. While the recently purchased Manor 4-6-0 is about nine years too early for my 1930 dateline, this little antique, 843, is at least nine years too late – it was withdrawn prior to the grouping in 1921 and its number passed on to an absorbed M&SWJR 0-6-0T.

I might as well give up on the whole period thing and get a diesel railbus – someone has just brought out an O-gauge model of the ones I travelled on as a kid from Cirencester to Kemble Junction. Yet another temptation.