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Loco Excess


Unrealistically large number of locomotives in Wychminster station, as seen by a passing pigeon. The line is obviously not worked on the one engine-in-steam principle.

Twin Mites


The latest addition to the freight stock, GWR Twin Mites (Mite was the GWR’s telegraph code for 4-wheel single bolster wagons). These should slot in nicely to my wood yard operations.

It’s Behind You!


The photographer, still lurking by the water crane, is patently ignoring the smartly, turned-out 57xx tank in the bay.

Two on Shed


7792 and 3714 on shed in shallow depth-of-focus. I must get around to fitting a hose to that water crane.

The Fiddly End

The Fiddly End

I don’t like removing the coaching stock from the track as it’s difficult, with the corridor connections getting in the way, to recouple them. To that end I’ve increased the on-track storage by adding another siding in the fiddle yard as an extension of the spur that the autotrain runs in to. It means that it’s now a tighter squeeze getting the recycling bin in and out of the garage but boys’ toys come first.

7792 in the bay

7792 in the bay

7792 at the head of a local train to Cheltenham with a North Eastern fruit van and a B Set.

Pannier meets Pannier

Pannier meets Pannier

Wychminster’s two pannier tanks meet just outside the station – still waiting for 2743’s numberplates.

Not a lot of work going on on the layout at the moment although there’s plenty to do. I still haven’t painted the bothy or sorted out the ground around the engine shed road. The long awaited warehouse received in August languishes in its box. The signals look grand but do not move.

I did start painting some wagon loads though, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

LNER fruit

LNER fruit

7792 shunting an LNER fruit van, labelled ‘Return to March’. A useful addition to my range of vans, acquired for a good price from eBay.

Full House

Full House

Almost a full house of Wychminster locomotives – 4510, 3399 and 2357 on shed; 4815 on the Evesham autotrain in the bay; 3714 on an express to Birmingham in the main; 7792 with a brake van in the goods yard.

Pannier tank & cattle trucks

Pannier tank & cattle trucks

Can’t keep away from the cattle dock – 7792 heading a line of empty wagons. On the right, PC Dawe keeps an eye open for cattle rustlers.