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Watch out for pigeons


If you don’t want pigeon muck on your head, avoid lamp posts.

New Starter

New Starter

4815 on the Evesham autotrain passing the newly installed outer starter signal. Still some work needed to integrate it into the surrounding ballast but it’s the first fruit of my recent purchase of Minx Microdrives as signal controls. It has not been a whirlwind romance as my initial testing was plagued by spurious actuations. A chat with the supplier led to the suggestion that it was down to my use of cheap switches but the problem persisted when the switch was removed and the signal change-over hard-powered. I now hope that I’ve found the culprit – I’ve swapped the 12 volt fixed output from my Gaugemaster controller for 19 volts from a redundant Toshiba laptop supply (the laptop gave up the ghost when I poured tea in it!). It seems to be holding steady now and there are no longer ghostly train movements being signalled by an unseen hand.

The illustrations below show two of the actuators attached to my platform starters and one of the two-channel controllers. It’s not a cheap system but it appears well-made and does the job.




2743 meets 4815

2743 meets 4815

2743 on the shed road and 4815 on the shed loop. Still a bit of work to be done on the water crane and the coal stage.

4815 and Signal Box


4815 and Signal Box

4815 on the Evesham autotrain and the new signal box, complete except for the name plate – the painting marathon has ended.

Warehouse Painted (Almost)




Three images of the warehouse which I have just about finished painting – need to add a bit of moss and grime to the roof and also fit a hoist chain. A yard crane in the background also needs fettling up but, other than that, this industrial area, the last major development on the layout is more or less complete.

Busy Station

Busy Station

4815 on the autotrain to Evesham and 4510 hauling a Southern Railway banana van and a B Set on a Cheltenham service. The tree shadows on the scenic backdrop remind me that I must sort the layout’s lighting out.

Another Angle

Another Angle

4815 enters the bay platform with the Evesham auto. 3399 on shed.

4815 and 3399

4815 & 3399

4815 enters the bay platform with the Evesham auto. 3399 on shed. Coaling crane and bothy still await painting, a job for the autumn.

Morning Sun

Morning Sun

4815 waiting in the bay platform in the early morning sunlight. Taking photos from unusual angles shows the benefits (or in this case – doesn’t show) of finishing off the normally unseen side of the structures- untreated MDF and unpainted platform edge visible.

3714 and 4815 await the off

3714 and 4815 await the off

3714 on a Birmingham express and 4815 on the Evesham auto. 3399 on shed.