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Loco Excess


Unrealistically large number of locomotives in Wychminster station, as seen by a passing pigeon. The line is obviously not worked on the one engine-in-steam principle.

Journey’s End


4365 comes to rest at the end of the main platform with a stopping train from Andover Junction. The express fruit van could be a returning empty awaiting a new consignment of fruit and veg from the Vale of Evesham or it could be carrying new potatoes from Jersey or watercress from Hampshire.



Double-heading was not a GWR tradition, they left that to companies with small engine policies like the Midland. Also two locos for a four coach train seems a bit extravagant unless it was to avoid providing a second path for a light engine movement which would be useful on a line with extensive single-track sections.

Anyway I don’t need an excuse to run 1334 and 3714 together so I have.


4365 also featured in this session and the photo shows once again that I should have painted the garage walls before starting the layout.


Lastly a lower angle view which shows off the scratchbuilt MSWJR 2-4-0 to advantage.

Painted Bridge


After years spent in Desert Sand undercoat, the bridge gets its final treatment (although I may add a bit more soot). 4365 emerges into the station area on a Southampton – Birmingham train.

4365 Again

4365 Again

4365 seen from the goods yard at the head of a Cheltenham local with 2743 on shed. As I have a fairly low backdrop, the sky has, as usual, been roughly filled in with Photoshop.

A New Angle on 4365

A New Angle on 4365

GWR Mogul 2-6-0, 4365, on shed, an experiment in finding new angles to photograph the layout from. Taken with an iPad which puts the lens much closer to the track than an SLR or compact camera. Must fit a hose to that water crane! (And straighten it up).

Tender Loco Line-up

photo 7

Tender Loco Line-up

My five tender locomotives, posing unnaturally at the station end of Wychminster and demonstrating a range of colours masquerading as GWR Locomotive Green. Left to right, 4365; 3399, Ottawa; 3714, City of Gloucester; 1334; 2357. 2357 is still the only engine fitted with the Dingham coupler which I intend to fit to the locomotives primarily used on freight trains.

Another Mogul

photo 1xcTwo years ago I briefly owned a GWR 43xx class 2-6-0. It developed a fault and I returned it to the supplier for a refund. Another turned up on eBay this week and I dived in. The result is 4365 posing alongside the signal box. I have been looking for a replacement for the defunct loco for sometime as the 43xx Mogul was an essential part of the secondary line services that I am modelling, gracing such lines as the former MSWJR and Cambrian Railway.