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City at Work


3714 ‘City of Gloucester’ heads out of Wychminster on a train of GWR Brown stock.



Double-heading was not a GWR tradition, they left that to companies with small engine policies like the Midland. Also two locos for a four coach train seems a bit extravagant unless it was to avoid providing a second path for a light engine movement which would be useful on a line with extensive single-track sections.

Anyway I don’t need an excuse to run 1334 and 3714 together so I have.


4365 also featured in this session and the photo shows once again that I should have painted the garage walls before starting the layout.


Lastly a lower angle view which shows off the scratchbuilt MSWJR 2-4-0 to advantage.

Parcel/Milk Train Arriving


3714, ‘City of Gloucester’ runs into Wychminster with a mixed parcels and milk empties train (and some bananas). 4510 and 2743 on shed.

Two on Shed


7792 and 3714 on shed in shallow depth-of-focus. I must get around to fitting a hose to that water crane.

Another Busy Day

Another Busy Day

Another unrealistically crowded scene at Wychminster with four engines on shed (3399, 3714, 4510 and 2743), 4815 and 4365 on the platforms and 7792 in the loop. Too many engines!

Signal Box – The Final Step

Signal Box - The Final Step

I’ve finally added the last piece of the signal box contruction, a rare example of me actually finishing a model. The nameplate is derived from the one that graced the signal box at Cirencester on the MSWJR where the word ‘cabin’ was used instead of ‘signal box’; I don’t know how common that was across this and other lines. The nameplate was produced to the correct size using Photoshop text mode and a font as close as I could get to the original.

The absence of point rodding is glaringly obvious – yet another chore!


The Fiddly End

The Fiddly End

I don’t like removing the coaching stock from the track as it’s difficult, with the corridor connections getting in the way, to recouple them. To that end I’ve increased the on-track storage by adding another siding in the fiddle yard as an extension of the spur that the autotrain runs in to. It means that it’s now a tighter squeeze getting the recycling bin in and out of the garage but boys’ toys come first.

Tender Loco Line-up

photo 7

Tender Loco Line-up

My five tender locomotives, posing unnaturally at the station end of Wychminster and demonstrating a range of colours masquerading as GWR Locomotive Green. Left to right, 4365; 3399, Ottawa; 3714, City of Gloucester; 1334; 2357. 2357 is still the only engine fitted with the Dingham coupler which I intend to fit to the locomotives primarily used on freight trains.

Group of Three

Group of Three

3714, ‘City of Gloucester’ on the shed road, 2743 on the shed loop and 1334 running back from the turntable.

The Other End

The Other End

3714, 3399 and 2357 lined up at the non-scenic end of the layout. The storage sidings end in dead sections so as to avoid one of my prized locos plummeting to the floor – it’s worked so far.