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Loco Excess


Unrealistically large number of locomotives in Wychminster station, as seen by a passing pigeon. The line is obviously not worked on the one engine-in-steam principle.

In the heat of the garage


Several months have passed and the railway is now into its full panoply of heat-induced failures – a point motor here, a section control there; all the joys of garage-based modelling and a bit of summer warmth. Consequently nothing much moves and the driver of 2357 is being a tad optimistic if he thinks the goods yard starter is going to be pulled off anytime soon.

Another Twin Mites Picture


2357 in the goods yard with the twin mites and a load of logs.

Not an Exciting Subject


A visiting photographer finds nothing more exciting than a dusty Dean Goods to photograph. No doubt he’ll be standing there for several months to come (until I do some hammering on the layout and all the figures fall over).

The Fiddly End

The Fiddly End

I don’t like removing the coaching stock from the track as it’s difficult, with the corridor connections getting in the way, to recouple them. To that end I’ve increased the on-track storage by adding another siding in the fiddle yard as an extension of the spur that the autotrain runs in to. It means that it’s now a tighter squeeze getting the recycling bin in and out of the garage but boys’ toys come first.

Tender Loco Line-up

photo 7

Tender Loco Line-up

My five tender locomotives, posing unnaturally at the station end of Wychminster and demonstrating a range of colours masquerading as GWR Locomotive Green. Left to right, 4365; 3399, Ottawa; 3714, City of Gloucester; 1334; 2357. 2357 is still the only engine fitted with the Dingham coupler which I intend to fit to the locomotives primarily used on freight trains.

2357 waiting for the road

2357 waiting for the road

2357 waits in the platform loop for a clear path out of Wychminster

The Other End

The Other End

3714, 3399 and 2357 lined up at the non-scenic end of the layout. The storage sidings end in dead sections so as to avoid one of my prized locos plummeting to the floor – it’s worked so far.

2357 by the Goods Shed

2357 by the Goods Shed

2357 shunting fruit vans into the goods shed – must get around to blackening that Dingham auto-coupler

Yet another new wagon

Yet another new wagon

2357 in the mileage siding with yet another new wagon, from the Whitecliff Lime Company, Coleford. Ebay strikes again.

Also the autotrain, seen in the bay platform, is now running the opposite way round. This makes the platform more usable as a headshunt from the engine shed loop. These changes were made as a result of operational experience which had revealed that some of the control sections were incorrectly positioned.