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New Lighting

New Lighting

I’ve finally fixed up some new lighting in the form of fluorescent strips which should even out some of the dark bits and leave me less reliant on power-hungry film lighting equipment for photography. It may also make coupling up the 3-link stock a bit easier – at the moment I have to use a torch to see where to put the hook. The area under the baseboard is a no-go area thanks to the amount of junk stored under there that I find impossible to throw away. Also wouldn’t it have been a good idea if I’d sorted out the garage walls – coat of sky-blue, for instance or some boarding – before I built the layout?


I photograph the layout with a mixture of cameras. Mostly I use either an iPhone 5 or an iPad Air because that’s the simplest and laziest option. Occasionally I use a compact Canon Ixus 95 and, if I’m feeling really energetic, I’ll get the Nikon D700 DSLR out and use a tripod. To be honest, the difference in quality between the images produced, once I’ve fettled them up for the blog, is minimal. With the D700 I can get away with less lighting whereas for the Apple products I really need to turn on my two 650w Arri lamps to combat the noise inherent in their sensors and processing systems. A plan to improve the overall lighting is in hand.

Warehouse update

Email from Invertrain today – the warehouse, ordered back in May, is on its way. This is the last major building for the layout and will sit alongside the timber yard. Craft knife and glue at the ready – trying not to think about the painting.

The Winter

Little activity on the Wychminster build over the winter as the layout’s location does not lend itself to either installation work or operation when the outside temperature plummets. I attended two exhibitions (Reading and Kettering) and acquired a few scenic items such as the Skytrex low relief buildings, some coal staithes and a large oak tree. A few items of rolling stock also proved irresistible (a GWR bogie syphon being the most expensive) and I’ve got the bits needed to complete a wire-in-tube signalling control system (despite seeing an excellent electronic set-up at Kettering). The warmer weather approaches and the soldering iron is at the ready.

The Beginning

I’ve started this blog as a place to post images of my O Gauge model railway layout, a project of many years standing but little progress. Just recently I’ve committed myself to laying some ballast, an unpleasant task which leaves all the hours of work that I’ve put into getting the electrics to work in tatters.

The layout is based on an imaginary branch of the Midland and South Western Junction Railway, running north-west from Andoversford then on to Winchcombe and the (supposed) town of Wychminster in the Vale of Evesham. The line continues on to join the GWR near Worcester. A branch runs from Wychminster to Evesham. It is set in GWR days, in about 1930 but fairly flexible so that I can run engines and stock which were scrapped in the late twenties or didn’t exist until the early thirties.

Most of the buildings are from kits by Invertrain and the like but may be replaced in later years by something more MSWJR.