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Another Busy Day

Another Busy Day

Another unrealistically crowded scene at Wychminster with four engines on shed (3399, 3714, 4510 and 2743), 4815 and 4365 on the platforms and 7792 in the loop. Too many engines!

Another Operational Signal (or two)


4510 has a clear road out of the main platform past the recently motorised starter signal.

New Starter

New Starter

4815 on the Evesham autotrain passing the newly installed outer starter signal. Still some work needed to integrate it into the surrounding ballast but it’s the first fruit of my recent purchase of Minx Microdrives as signal controls. It has not been a whirlwind romance as my initial testing was plagued by spurious actuations. A chat with the supplier led to the suggestion that it was down to my use of cheap switches but the problem persisted when the switch was removed and the signal change-over hard-powered. I now hope that I’ve found the culprit – I’ve swapped the 12 volt fixed output from my Gaugemaster controller for 19 volts from a redundant Toshiba laptop supply (the laptop gave up the ghost when I poured tea in it!). It seems to be holding steady now and there are no longer ghostly train movements being signalled by an unseen hand.

The illustrations below show two of the actuators attached to my platform starters and one of the two-channel controllers. It’s not a cheap system but it appears well-made and does the job.




Signal Box – The Final Step

Signal Box - The Final Step

I’ve finally added the last piece of the signal box contruction, a rare example of me actually finishing a model. The nameplate is derived from the one that graced the signal box at Cirencester on the MSWJR where the word ‘cabin’ was used instead of ‘signal box’; I don’t know how common that was across this and other lines. The nameplate was produced to the correct size using Photoshop text mode and a font as close as I could get to the original.

The absence of point rodding is glaringly obvious – yet another chore!


In the Goods Yard

In the Goods Yard

2743 shunting the APOC tank wagon in the goods yard.