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2743 meets 4815

2743 meets 4815

2743 on the shed road and 4815 on the shed loop. Still a bit of work to be done on the water crane and the coal stage.

2357 waiting for the road

2357 waiting for the road

2357 waits in the platform loop for a clear path out of Wychminster



I walked into the garage this morning and thought, ‘Wouldn’t it look better if I swapped the woodyard and the warehouse over?’, so I did, and it did.

4815 and Signal Box


4815 and Signal Box

4815 on the Evesham autotrain and the new signal box, complete except for the name plate – the painting marathon has ended.

Warehouse Painted (Almost)




Three images of the warehouse which I have just about finished painting – need to add a bit of moss and grime to the roof and also fit a hoist chain. A yard crane in the background also needs fettling up but, other than that, this industrial area, the last major development on the layout is more or less complete.

Shed Road

Shed Road

2743 on the shed road. The water tank has moved yet again and is now beyond the signal box. This area of the layout has progressed a lot over the last few weeks but it is still the little things that need attention – the water crane needs distressing and a hose, the ground around the buildings needs finishing, particularly to hide the watermark from when the ballast was glued down and I’m not happy with the painting of the coaling stage. Onwards.

Signal Box Nears Completion

Signal Box Nears Completion

The new signal box, built from a Lasercraft Devon kit, nears completion. Just need to paint the roof, add the drainpipes and fit the safety rails – a couple of fiddly jobs there. Also need to sort out a nameboard – should be a GWR cast one as that’s the type of box this is but I hanker after a MSWJR-style blue enamel version. Decisions, decisions!

The Other End

The Other End

3714, 3399 and 2357 lined up at the non-scenic end of the layout. The storage sidings end in dead sections so as to avoid one of my prized locos plummeting to the floor – it’s worked so far.