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Warehouse update

Email from Invertrain today – the warehouse, ordered back in May, is on its way. This is the last major building for the layout and will sit alongside the timber yard. Craft knife and glue at the ready – trying not to think about the painting.

Cattle Dock Revisited Again

Cattle Dock Revisited

Cattle dock foreground and 3399 on shed loop in the background. The bothy is still unpainted as is the coaling crane. Also I still need to soften off the join between road and field, probably with a bit of fencing and yet more lichen.

One area that needs addressing is the layout lighting. Currently it is lit by an odd mix of poorly positioned fluorescent fittings which I supplement with two 650w fresnel lamps from my film stock when photographing. The result is not even enough and produces too many shadows.


Timber Yard and Dean Goods

Timber Yard and Dean Goods

2357 poses next to the timber yard, another work-in-progress

4510 in the upside carriage siding

4510 in the upside carriage siding

4510 on the south side of the road bridge, waiting at the head of the stock for the milk train. It will draw this stock forward into the platform loop, back it out onto the main line then forward again into the main platform stopping short of the crossover. The engine will then run round the train to position itself on the other end ready for departure. A complicated manouvere brought about by a lack of stock storage on the down side of the station, the only siding being occupied by the carriages visible in the distance.

Another Angle

Another Angle

4815 enters the bay platform with the Evesham auto. 3399 on shed.

4815 and 3399

4815 & 3399

4815 enters the bay platform with the Evesham auto. 3399 on shed. Coaling crane and bothy still await painting, a job for the autumn.

Morning Sun

Morning Sun

4815 waiting in the bay platform in the early morning sunlight. Taking photos from unusual angles shows the benefits (or in this case – doesn’t show) of finishing off the normally unseen side of the structures- untreated MDF and unpainted platform edge visible.

Express to Birmingham

Express to Birmingham

3714, ‘City of Gloucester’ on an express to Birmingham (Snow Hill)

3714 and 4815 await the off

3714 and 4815 await the off

3714 on a Birmingham express and 4815 on the Evesham auto. 3399 on shed.