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December 2011

December 2011

Another early construction image, from December 2011.

Brown Fruits

701_5061Brown Fruits

Two fruit vans, as befits a layout based in the Vale of Evesham. Both are constructed from etched brass kits and were bought fully finished from an exhibition several years ago.

Railways around Wychminster

Railways around Wychminster

How the route to Wychminster fits into the actual railways in South Worcestershire/North Gloucestershire. Running powers would have been granted to the M&SWJR to Worcester (Shrub Hill) and to Evesham (Midland). Under GWR ownership, the Evesham trains now run to the GWR station.

I imagine the Midland Railway would have had reciprocal running powers from Hinton Junction to Wychminster so I may run an occasional LMS freight or even a through Wychminster-Birmingham service via Evesham and Redditch, That depends on whether I acquire any LMS locos and coaching stock and, as I’m not that enamoured with the LMS, it’s a little unlikely.

All set to danger

All set to danger

The splitting home signals at the entrance to the station. The layout is suffering from the effects of an unusually hot summer and the electrics are on strike. The spiders are not, however, judging by their efforts on the signal arms.

2357 in the Goods Yard

2357 in the Goods Yard

Dean Goods, 2357, shunting vans in the goods yard – in need of a good clean! 2357 is fitted with the Dingham Autocoupler as are the majority of the freight wagons. The coupler needs blackening.

This coupler will eventually be fitted to all the rolling stock, as and when as they are a pain to make up from the etchings supplied.