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4510 at the end of the bay

4510 at the end of the bay

4510, 2-6-2T, at the end of the bay with the early morning milk train

Pannier tank & cattle trucks

Pannier tank & cattle trucks

Can’t keep away from the cattle dock – 7792 heading a line of empty wagons. On the right, PC Dawe keeps an eye open for cattle rustlers.

Same again, with the sun out

Same Again, with the Sun Out

Cattle dock in sunlight

A few hours later

A Few Hours Later

The cattle dock after the addition of some distressing, foliage, cow pats and appropriate wagons.

Next task is to scenify (is that a word?) the area between the engine shed and the water tower

Cattle Dock Revisited

Cattle Dock Revisited

The cattle dock, now painted with the base finish but awaiting distressing and the addition of softening foliage.

General View of the Station

General View of the Station

Looking towards the station across a recently completed field – 1334, ex-MSWJR 2-4-0 in the bay platform.

1334 on the Milk again

1334 on the Milk

1334 stands in the bay platform at the head of the daily milk train. Despite a boiler full of lead, this engine will struggle to pull these four vans – it has the proverbial inability to pull the skin of a rice pudding, preferring to indulge in the kind of slipping prevalent on lesser railways such as the LNER and Southern.

Engine Shed

Engine Shed

2357 poses outside the recently painted engine shed, a job that’s beeen hanging around for months. Still need to add glazing and some guttering and, now I’ve photographed it, I can see that one of the doors isn’t hanging straight so that will be reset.

Coal Yard

Coal Yard

What appears to be a dustman with his bin sitting on a heap of coal – Dean Goods in the background. Coal staithes by Skytrex.

Tractor and Cattle Truck

Tractor and Cattle Truck

Tractor standing in a field near the cattle dock. This is another area under development needing the addition of fencing, a few animals and probably some thistles.