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Redressing the balance with an image of a freight engine – 7792 in the goods yard.

3714 on the Parcels/Milk

3714 on the Parcels/Milk

3714 at the end of the main platform having arrived on the parcels/milk train from Swindon. This is the most scenically complete area of the layout although there are still station signs to be added.

Coaling Stage

Coaling Stage

An area still under development – the Skytrex coaling stage is in position so that now the groundwork around it can commmence. The engine shed is still in primer – a job for the spring perhaps.

3714 on the parcels

3714 on the parcels

3714 awaiting the right-away at the head of a parcels train to Swindon

The Winter

Little activity on the Wychminster build over the winter as the layout’s location does not lend itself to either installation work or operation when the outside temperature plummets. I attended two exhibitions (Reading and Kettering) and acquired a few scenic items such as the Skytrex low relief buildings, some coal staithes and a large oak tree. A few items of rolling stock also proved irresistible (a GWR bogie syphon being the most expensive) and I’ve got the bits needed to complete a wire-in-tube signalling control system (despite seeing an excellent electronic set-up at Kettering). The warmer weather approaches and the soldering iron is at the ready.

3714 posing in the bay

3714 posing in the bay

3714 “City of Gloucester” posing in front of the new Skytrex low relief factory buildings (awaiting installation)