Monthly Archives: October, 2012


3714, ‘City of Gloucester’ waiting to depart on a train to Birmingham




7792 in the goods yard. In the bay 4815 waits to depart to Evesham following the arrival and departure of a train from Southampton.

1334 on the Milk

1334 at the head of the milk train in the bay platform. Looks like the engine could do with a clean and it’s about time someone went over the platform with a stiff broom.

Dean Goods

Dean Goods, 2357, at head of fitted freight shunting the goods loop. 45xx and ‘City’ on shed in the distance.

The 4-4-0 Duo Again


A Bridge Not Far

Work has started on extending the baseboard to accept the repositioned roadbridge and the extended sidings, one of which goes to a cannery (not modelled) and the other to a turntable (also not modelled). The weights are holding down the cork underlay while it dries; the wagon holds the track pins.