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Provisional Working Timetable

Wychminster Station Working Timetable

Arr/Dep Time Type Loco

Arr 05:10 Evesham Auto 4815
Dep 05:30 Swindon Pass/Milk 4510
Dep 05:35 Worcester (Shrub Hill) Auto 4815
Arr 06:00 Evesham Freight 7792
Arr 06:45 Worcester Yard LE/Van or Empty Cattle 1334
Arr 06:50 Evesham Auto 4815
Arr 07:00 Birmingham (Snow Hill) Exp Pass 3714
Dep 07:10 Southampton Exp Pass 3399
Dep 07:15 Evesham Auto 4815
Dep 07:20 Worcester Yard Freight 7792
Arr 07:50 Swindon Pass 4510
Arr 08:00 Evesham Auto 4815
Dep 08:05 Worcester (Shrub Hill) Pass 4510
Dep 08:10 Evesham Auto 4815
Dep 08:15 Gloucester via Ashchurch Cattle/freight 1334
Arr 08:50 Worcester (Shrub Hill) Pass 4510
Arr 08:55 Evesham Auto 4815
Dep 09:05 Swindon Pass 4510
Dep 09:10 Evesham Auto 4815
Arr 09:30 Worcester Yard Freight 2357
Dep 10:15 Swindon Freight 2357
Arr 10:30 Loco from Worcester Shed Light Engine 4-4-0
Dep 11:00 Oxford Pass 4-4-0
Arr 10:20 Evesham Auto 4815
Dep 10:40 Evesham Auto 4815
Arr 11:40 Swindon Pass 4510
Arr 11:50 Evesham Auto 4815
Arr 12:00 Southampton Exp Pass 3399
Dep 12:10 Birmingham (Snow Hill) Exp Pass 3714
Dep 12:15 Evesham Auto 4815
Arr 12:45 Worcester Yard Freight 7792
Arr 12:55 Evesham Auto 4815
Dep 13:00 Swindon Pass 4510
Dep 13:15 Evesham Auto 4815
Dep 14:00 Evesham Freight 7792
Arr 14:50 Evesham Auto 4815
Dep 15:15 Evesham Auto 4815
Arr 15:50 Swindon Freight 2357
Arr 16:00 Swindon Pass 4510
Arr 16:20 Evesham Auto 4815
Arr 16:30 Birmingham (Snow Hill) Exp Pass 3714
Dep 16:40 Southampton Exp Pass 3399
Dep 16:45 Evesham Auto 4815
Dep 17:00 Swindon Pass 4510
Dep 17:05 Worcester Yard Freight 2357
Arr 17:45 Gloucester via Ashchurch Freight 1334
Arr 18:00 Evesham Auto 4815
Dep 18:15 Evesham Auto 4815
Arr 18:45 Oxford Pass 4-4-0
Dep 19:05 Loco to Worcester Shed Light Engine 4-4-0
Arr 19:30 Swindon Pass  4510
Arr 19:45 Evesham Auto 4815
Dep 20:00 Cirencester Pass 1334
Dep 20:05 Evesham Auto 4815
Arr 20:35 Worcester Yard Freight 7792
Arr 20:50 Evesham Auto 4815
Arr 21:00 Southampton Exp Pass 3399
Dep 21:10 Birmingham (Snow Hill) Exp Pass 3714
Dep 21:15 Evesham Auto 4815
Arr 22:45 Cirencester Pass/Empty Milk 1334
Dep 23:00 Evesham Freight 7792
Dep 2305 Worcester Shed LE/Van  1334

I admit this is an unlikely volume of traffic for a station with only two platforms and four freight sidings – the answer would be a bigger garage or a reversion to OO gauge; neither of these scenarios is likely. Also I’ve been stuck in Barcelona on a tedious job and this has given me something to occupy the mind!



3399 & 4510 (2)

3399 & 4510 (1)

3399 and 4510. I think I’ll end up painting the garage wall blue!

3399 & 4510 (1)

3399 & 4510 (1)

3399 and 4510

Cattle Dock, Three Days Later

Cattle Dock, Three Days Later

Some progress with the cattle dock – dock itself has been sprayed in grey car primer, the base has been extended with balsa wood formers and then covered in grass mat and worn, belt sander strips. A start has been made on disguising the edges with lichen and scenic material. Fencing to be added and further work on blending edges into something less regimented. Having said that, the scenery is a subsidary interest – I have no desire to emulate Pendon.

Cattle Dock

Cattle Dock

Just completed the Skytrex GWR cattle dock. Not a bundle of joy but an unremitting, repetitive slog of cutting and glueing. Must admit that for the money (£30), I expected decent instructions and that the parts would be cut to size. Still it looks OK prior to painting other than that I’ve hung one pair of gates upside-down -c’est la vie..

New Station Sign

New Station SIgn

Newly installed station sign, in need of weathering. Based on M&SWJR running-in board at Cerney. Enamel colour looks brighter in image than real life and is based on colour of surviving Foss Cross sign. Typeface is also a close approximation. 3399 carries the natural weathering that comes from living in a garage.



1334. Ex-M&SWJR 2-4-0. Bought at an exhibition and scratch-built.



4815 – from Tower Brass and bought on a visit to their shop in Blackpool in July 2011. Not what I had in mind as it’s slightly too late for my period; however I’m easily led.  Lightly weathered (the only one of my locomotives that is so it stands out a bit!). Reasonable runner although the trailing wheels have a tendency to seize up on their plunger pick-ups unless kept lubricated.



2357, Dean Goods, probably from a Javelin kit. Bought from TMS Models. For months I struggled with intermittent running with this model. Eventually I worked out, by investing in a micrometer, that it was shorting the point blades due to the axle of the leading wheels being a millimeter too short. A replacement axle sorted the problem. Now I need to re-motor it so that its running current is within the limits of my controller.

Ebay from New Zealand

Ebay from New Zealand

Brass 4-wheel Taff Vale Railway coach, bought on Ebay from a chap in New Zealand – well-travelled.