Bulldog on a Stopper


Bulldog 4-4-0 3399 ‘Ottawa’ entering the station with a stopping train consisting of a GWR B-Set, Fruit Van and ex-LNWR Brake/1st/3rd (through coach Liverpool-Southampton). Engine could do with a dusting (or I could eradicate the woodworm in the garage roof).

Loco Excess


Unrealistically large number of locomotives in Wychminster station, as seen by a passing pigeon. The line is obviously not worked on the one engine-in-steam principle.

City at Work


3714 ‘City of Gloucester’ heads out of Wychminster on a train of GWR Brown stock.

Back in the Real World

Not a lot happening in the model world of Wychminster so, instead, something from a real train instead.

I’ve made a few attempts to get images inside Greet tunnel on the GWSR of which this is one of the more successful. I still need to sort out the shutter speed which is too low but the cameras at maximum ISO so not sure what the next step will be. Just by chance the I got a reflection of the fire through the cab window onto the smoke above.

Engine is GWR 2-6-2T, 5542

In the heat of the garage


Several months have passed and the railway is now into its full panoply of heat-induced failures – a point motor here, a section control there; all the joys of garage-based modelling and a bit of summer warmth. Consequently nothing much moves and the driver of 2357 is being a tad optimistic if he thinks the goods yard starter is going to be pulled off anytime soon.

Another Twin Mites Picture


2357 in the goods yard with the twin mites and a load of logs.

Twin Mites


The latest addition to the freight stock, GWR Twin Mites (Mite was the GWR’s telegraph code for 4-wheel single bolster wagons). These should slot in nicely to my wood yard operations.



I like my trucks to have loads, it gives them a sense of purpose. This Dapol open wagon has an assortment of items, part of the Ten Commandments range.

Grounded Body


One of the advantages of camera phones is the ability to get into forgotten corners of the layout.

Next to the water tower is the grounded body from an MSWJR van. The original model wasn’t very well made and so I’ve distressed it even more and found it a new home. The water tower is from a Duncan models kit and the signal box by Lasercraft (Devon). 4510 and 4365 on shed.

Evening All


PC Woolls keeps an eye on a cinematographer who will be waiting a long time for any action given that the temperature in the garage, where the layout is, is hovering around zero centigrade.